Certified Divorce Financial Analyst  


  Here are some answer to frequently asked questions. If you have questions not listed below, please contact us.

  Q: I am thinking about getting divorced. What should I be doing to prepare?

A: It is hard to predict how your spouse will react to the news, and it is important to have a clear picture of your finances at the beginning of the process.

  Q: What does the mediation process look like and how is it different from litigation or collaborative law?

A: When you work with a skilled mediator you are in control of the divorce process. Your mediator will guide you through the items you need to agree on and will help you draft an agreement that can then be entered into court with or without the help of an attorney.

  Q: Why should I hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst?

A: If you are interested in making the divorce process less painful and less expensive, this may be a good option. Our clients hire us to give them an idea of what they can expect from the split.

  Q: How long will the divorce process take?

A:It all depends on you and your spouse as well as the state laws you are subject to. We frequently see people who just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. This can be troublesome if it means skipping some steps like getting all of your and your spouse's documents together. It is understandable to want to end the painful process, but not if it means you don’t get everything you’re entitled to.

  Q: What is a QDRO?

A: A qualified domestic relations order is a document that is entered as part of the final divorce decree. It sets up an account for the non-employee spouse in a pooled asset, for example a 401k plan or stock options.

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