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Embark Collaborations is dedicated to helping couples through the process of separation and divorce. This can be a very emotional and frightening process. We want our clients to understand what their options are regarding ending their marriage. There may be less expensive, less time consuming, more peaceful ways. We will help you focus on the solutions available and prepare you for your new life.

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Individual planning

Choose this service for in-depth help with preparing a financial affidavit, budgeting and general personal finance education. This is especially useful for the spouse who did not handle the finances and needs help with the basics. It is also helpful for those who want to look at various settlement scenarios before beginning negotiation.

post-Divorce analysis

Some couples agree to revisit aspects of the agreement including maintenance, child support, and other items based on changes in income or asset after the divorce is final. With this service, we'll rerun the analysis annually and provide advice based on changes in one or both of the individuals' finances post-decree.

Couples planning

The goal is to help the couple retain control of the process and the decisions made. We provide expert advice regarding an equitable split of assets and liabilities. We consider tax efficiency and wealth preservation, but allow you to decide what will ultimately work for you. This leads to a lasting and peaceful agreement.

collaborative law financial neutral

When you use collaborative law as the way to get divorced, we act as the financial neutral on your team. We will help answer your financial questions, work with one or both spouses on post-divorce budgets, analyze cash flow and net worth projections and help with tax implications of decisions you are making.

Pre-decision analysis

A pre-decision analysis helps answer questions such as: What is a marital asset and what is separate property? How has the management of these assets during the marriage affected my status? What are the potential financial issues that should concern me?



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